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The Year Was 2008 and Everybody Was Finally Equal

Feb 27, 2008

After eight years of thought, and two and a half years of engineering, Code Blue is live.

Code Blue is a web content management system that I've developed using GNU/Linux, XAMPP, Mongrel, and Ruby on Rails, and is the platform hosting all of my sites.

The first web site to use Code Blue was the Something About Midnight re-design, released on January 14th, followed by the Code Blue web site on February 6th, and the new Risto.NET site on February 15th.

For a description of what it means for a web site to run on Code Blue, visit the What and RDoc sections of the project web site, and for more information on the project's background you can read the Why and When sections, as well as my blogs.

It was an incredible amount of work to get to this point, and there remain many line items and bugs, but the rewards are well worth the effort. I can now develop a comprehensive web site with custom content types and custom templates in days: front end, back end, and everything in between. Operations which used to consume weeks have been reduced to hours.

The future is blue.