Ab absurdo, ad libertatem
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Pageant of the Blind

Jul 21, 2009

"Well, we have to find some way to pass the time," declared the absolute manager, who passed his time belittling the intellect of others while taking credit for their works.

"It's true, and the time is passed. I quit. Five times over: I quit."

"You hate work, eh?" sneered the brilliant salesman, whose proudest moments included shirking responsibility in private and demeaning others in public.

"Curious then, that I devote the bulk of my time to study, no?"

"But you have to earn money," bellowed the incredulous engineer, whose definition of 'earn' included lying, cheating, and stealing.

"I've earned money previously, and now I'm spending it."

"Well, I know your parents are rich, how else could you quit your job and go back to school?" opined the expert professional, whose previous opinations were so comfortable with inconsistency that fickleness nigh became virtue, and, we might note -- so that we ourselves shall not be fickle of consistency -- whose progenitors proferred many a hefty summation for the professional's hollow designations.

"The things you 'know' are most impressive, considering the questions that have not been asked. In any case: if you show me yours then I will show you mine; only then can we determine what there is to be known."

"How odd," oozed the stalactites in unison, who, contrary yet complementary to their outward aspects, resembled sponges in their inward affectations, and whose downward examinations went thus far and no further, rendering their world an impossible mix of hypocrites and laggards.

"Not at all, my friends. Not at all. If not your conclusions, I respect your efforts. I know it's hard work to attempt looking upwards or sideways, when by your very nature you must travel with your minds facing down."

Part of the series: Narcissa