Ab absurdo, ad libertatem
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Of Toil For Wares

Sep 06, 2009

To be capable of intellective transcendence, but instead to gyrate as a complex component. To circumnavigate elaborate spheres, because unconsciously aplomb. To select exaggerated chattel for deprecated cerebration. To willingly blight the soul in its sanctuary and domicile.

To plummet by apathy of will.

What then was discarded? Contrivances alone? Time alone? The effort expended upon migration of encumbrances from market to manor to mire?

What then was wasted? Being, mistaken for that most terrible abstraction "career." Merely to pursue the installation of artifacts so they might be removed.

Cumulatively, what was lost? What was the personal affect of such personal effects!

Part of the series: Cerularius