Ab absurdo, ad libertatem
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I'm Sorry, But Again: What Exactly is the Content of Our Association?

Sep 09, 2010

"There was the Door to which I found no Key;
There was the Veil through which I might not see
Some little talk awhile of ME and THEE
There was -- and then no more of THEE and ME."

Thinking is at once a solitary act of solidarity, and an anti- or extra-social act of socialization. My question is then: to what degree does post-modern culture remain precivil enough to presuppose that mere tribal association -- that very association which so often in times begone rarefied, petrified, and crucified itself by the hardened lines of violent lineal escutcheons -- factors so heavily into morality and survival that we permit it not merely to influence but even define our epistemology and ethicality, and thus prescribe the manner in which we spend our time, live our lives, and think our thoughts?

It is basic to note that existence necessitates reality based analytics and solutions, but what is perhaps not so basic is to ask: when two weltanschauung-bearers interact, is not their incessant friction and frustration a key indicator of the reality that unreality inheres? This is not to imply some why-can't-we-all-just-get-along desire to eradicate friction and frustration, but rather to suggest that the presence of frustration is, or should be instructive; and in the spirit of instruction we must ask, where then lies the reality of a solution?

The boundary cases are avoidance and avoidance, of physical persons and psychical persona respectively. If executed in modes of contempt, the former readily constructs in the executor a weak instance of the latter. If permitted in an uncontrolled or unconscientious manner, the latter readily engenders a very real panoply of the former. This panoply implies imbalance, and regarding imbalance the avoider of reality does well to reflect on the fact that the latter in all cases diminishes the real returns for all those who permit this condition to persist while also choosing to remain involved even as unreality approaches that negative personal and interpersonal infinity which consists in the fabrication and maintenance of an intellectually expensive, if seemingly expansive veneer. Much like the infamous demon cloud that penetrates no more than a few microns into the immediately surrounding surface areas, all who come in contact (if such a description be not overly generous) with such an anti-physical cloud have at least some portion of their psychical substance extinguished, or perhaps restated more accurately, have at least some portion of their psychical substance persist in an underdeveloped state.

Realistically speaking, if a specific world-viewer hopes to obtain and retain the meaning and content of reality, then they must come to understand its physical and social forms, as well as their own position along the spectrum of avoidance-avoidance, and thus appreciate the reasons for, and the results of shifting towards the extreme positions abutting either boundary.

As regards existence, a deep respect for basic animal rights is fundamental and essential, and correspondingly human actions must flow from reality based understanding of social combinations. Therefore all social combinations, including tribal ones, must be based on natural analytics and solutions. Consequently, and painful as it may be -- and I am sorry, though not for the reasons post-modern mimesis might have you believe -- but reality dictates that I ask again: what exactly is the content of our association?

In this case the question matters little, for there is little chance of its being attempted, let alone grappled with.

"Then of THEE in ME who works behind
The Veil, I lifted up my hands to find
A Lamp amid the darkness; and I heard,
As from Without -- 'The ME within THEE blind!' "

Part of the series: Cerularius