Ab absurdo, ad libertatem
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Genius or Specious, Family or Kingdom

Nov 06, 2009

I find I know a monster.

I do not say that I am surprised, but neither has my amazement failed me. How fully it is that increases in gloating and sloth are obscured and countenanced by corresponding increases in syllables and rubric.

"I can't believe how much I know."

No, no I don't believe you can.

But I wonder, do you truly believe that any one of your achievements took place in spite of, and not because of others? Do you believe you are something more than a self-enumerating animal? What is it that you believe you are? Do you believe you are human?

It would please the trees well if you were to prove it, and if you were to live not only by the calculations of your lower instincts, but exercised also your higher capacities.

I hope by nestling angels that you discover the existence of others, as persons; as people with value beyond comparison.

Part of the series: Zwingli