Ab absurdo, ad libertatem
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Mar 20, 2008

Over time my blog has morphed from a journal into an outlet for philosophical and political expression, and I'm almost certain that as a result it became less engaging for my general reader (aka: Natalie, Tan, Omar, Pete, Dan, and sometimes Deep), who has historically visited my site hoping to be entertained by the latest in Nordic humour (aka: Ossi stories, and sometimes Heli stories). Lately I've neglected -- and even shunted -- blog entries reflecting on daily activities, and found this left something to be desired.

The lack of journal entries has been on the back of my mind for a few months, and so in the interest of all around satisfaction, I've added "tags" to my blogs: "journal" and "commentary." Blogs that are tagged as "commentary" are more contemplative, dense, or critical, as compared to my standard daily nonsense.

I looked at a few options before deciding on tags. It was hard to define what distinguished one blog from another. I was able to feel a difference, but I wasn't always able to see it. I keep a draft file for blogs that I kick around before posting, and I found that the political drafts outnumbered all others by four to one. Should I create a new section for political blogs? But then how would I display both journals and politics on the home page? What about philosophically oriented blogs? Some of those are just as dense as the politically oriented blogs. Should those be migrated into the new section as well? Maybe I should move all political blogs to an entirely new web site, focusing on libertarian socialism and anarchism? I needed to address all of these concerns, hence the broad definition of a "commentary" as "more contemplative, dense, or critical." I may still split my politically motivated blogs on to their own web site, depending on how heavy things get.

I expect this separation of content will remove the mental blinders I've had on whenever sitting down to write a blog, and allow me to produce more journal entries. But, who knows. Perhaps the reason I inevitably write political commentary is not so simple as the lack of a tag.

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