Ab absurdo, ad libertatem
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Apropos of Speech

Mar 05, 2010

"Pure beryl skies flout hungry soil,

white banal claws

rend blameless



clouds admit,

green hills decree,

its just that red construes all whims."

-- Anwar Tudor-Jolies
(from His Ancient Rose)

Discomfort arises by adverse effects, does it not? But of course, we must discuss proximity. "The less confident we are in ourselves, the less we are in touch with ourselves and the world, the more we want to control."

However, if the yield of some foul propinquity is not discomfiture, then the proximity to be examined is internal. "Now, any time the child, in his development, is prevented from growth by the adult world, any time the child is spoiled by not being given enough frustration, the child is stuck. So instead of using his potential to grow, he now uses his potential to control the adults, to control the world. Instead of mobilizing his own resources, he creates dependencies. He invests his energy in manipulating the environment for support. He controls the adults by starting to manipulate them, by discerning their weak spots. As the child begins to develop the means of manipulation, he acquires what is called character. The more character a person has, the less potential he has."

Consider then the relation between degrees of tolerance and levels of inconsistency; systems and caprice. Sustainability begins with the realistic, and thus ethical assessment of ability.

Part of the series: Cerularius