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Who Are You Voting For?

Jan 22, 2006

If you're perhaps leaning towards the NDP, then minimal inspection of the Liberals and Conservatives may help to scare you into solidifying that position. The Conservative platform is irresponsible, dangerous, and offensive.

A few of the issues that the Conservatives feel it's worthwhile to pursue include stronger persecution for marijuana offences (Sean asks: "Don't you have a country to run?"), reversal of the law allowing same sex marriages, increasing the RSP contribution limit and implementing the tax free rollover of assets (of primary benefit only to the affluent), and increased spending of obscene amounts on a Canadian army -- if we follow that road, please imagine how much effort will be outright wasted in the future, feeding the American imperial war machine. This is of course just a small glimpse, but taking a look at their stance on these issues gives an impression of the Conservatives' overall perspective.

They're wasting an inordinate amount of time on high level vanity and appearance issues, which detracts significantly from devoting effort and money to the low level building blocks of a strong, conscientous, sustentative society; things such as social services, social support, quality schooling, and ensuring that all levels of education are accessible to every social strata. The ideas they have hardly appear democratic (not to say that [our contemporary Canadian style capitalist] democracy is the end-all-be-all of governmental frameworks [for state-capitalism is a plight in and of itself]).

As I learn more about Canadian politics, I find that the Liberals appear similar in many respects to the Conservatives. It's worthwhile to examine the socialization environment of party leaders and their resulting value systems. People can change, but the only thing you can ever really trust a person to do is be themselves, time and time again.

Political discussions must remain wary of empty strategic claims and promises, but thus far the NDP appears genuinely pragmatic, egalitarian and humanitarian.

If you're interested, the CTV elections site is a great starting point for political party and electoral information.