Risto Juola
Ab absurdo, ad libertatem.
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To Those Imperturbably Plagued

May 28, 2011

Be it so, that the perpetually nettled effetist with historically unparalleled opportunities and corporeally uncommon prepossession beholds a deep, bona fide internal representation of those socially, personally, and psychologically compacted and bound by the imperturbably disentranced nettler's demands, or that said nettler's dander is distributed not across a Gaussian function whose normal distribution defines now the density of said effetist's impartial observations of externally occurrent unreliabilistic phenomena, but defines rather the sociologically normalized vacuo-mental misrepresentations of said nettler's very own unowned sueño de la razon in subject matters outside those abilities well-developed in connection to their aforementioned unparalleled opportunities?

Concerning conceptual relations, here there is no claim all with predelictions toward sueño are wholly apathetic or wholly unreliable, but rather, that our grand nettler is wholly familiar with socially respected forms of achievement not by way of sociopolitical foundations, but by remaining wholly uninterested and thus unfamiliar with the underlying processes of social respect and disrespect and, in Dasein, preconscious psychological internalization, so rendering our sueño's praise of folly complete, entire, and bewitching, hence precluding verbal description of any kind. Being unparalleled and uncommon, who dares adventure?

It is accepted personal procession comports itself first socially, then nature-realistic procession comports itself secondarily. But yea! How that histology comport itself pace folly? Precisely because: personal procession comports itself first socially. We define first, and then see. (Thus our propinquity to Polanyi.) Combinatorially, the uncommon comports itself toward the erection of socio-psychological-cum-physical representations that may be surmounted only with the greatest of interest.

Then: by what examination or pathway might an impulse toward the study of the discrete physical-psychical relationship between manifest corporeal divinity and at-this-moment-in-human-history social respect be awakened in those divine? Historiographically, this discrete psychical-physical relationship exhibits itself in all places, at all times, and our answer remains as it can only remain: humility.

Wherefore to humility? Meek inquiry. Wherefore the requisite determination? Observing that which surrounds you, in all places, at all times, and promoting that which is sanguine, not sanguinary, in the matter of living relations. Otherwise unwise, to remain Imperturbably Plagued. As though the distinguishing differentia of homo sapiens sapiens meant nothing more than doubling the sapiens and aggrandizing the political scope of its piens.

Otherwise unwise, and to immolate; Servetus.

Part of the series: Servetus