Risto Juola
Ab absurdo, ad libertatem.
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The Terror Within

Mar 25, 2010

@twitter; "company coming to London makes remote weapon systems. neat stuff. www.kongsberg.com"

Well, that's precisely the problem isn't it? The belief that the concept "neat" applies to "remote weapon systems," and to the fact that said manufacturer is "coming to London." I suggest to you there is nothing "neat" about this development. Need I say it? Weapons have but a single purpose. If we are truly and deeply concerned about the lives of others, then the unfortunate means by which we continue to sustain our war games -- amidst unimaginable material prosperity no less -- must never be buttressed via the application of descriptors that betoken shallow enjoyment, and must be approached seriously and solemnly at all times.

Economic survival you say? "Were we deeply concerned about survival, we would question the wisdom of these arrangements and we would work relentlessly to persuade as to their danger. But if economic performance is our primary concern -- if production qua production is the thing that counts -- then survival naturally takes second place."

For your consideration, antonyms of "neat" include "contemptible" and "shameful."