Risto Juola
Ab absurdo, ad libertatem.
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"Moral failures to the right, please."

Jul 15, 2011

"... but the Krell forgot one thing: monsters, John. Monsters from the id."

-- Lt. "Doc" Ostrow

"I realize today that nothing in the world is more distasteful to a man than to take the path that leads to himself."

-- Herman Hesse qua Emil Sinclair

One: I respect your human rights, but not your ideas. None may respect your ideas, none, and even less your actions; most especially your choices. Although, such an important distinction has but little chance of penetrating the psycho-material anxiety defended by the monsters of your id.

Some jest to retrieve perspective. Some jest because they loath reality.

After all, but before nothing, One felt it acceptably necessary to descend; "I guess he wasn't one of her superstars." Having no intimation of the dangers such as a One's, believing there is little or nothing to learn from those "lower" -- nothing whatsoever. But the "ultimate criterion of the value of a functional whole is the degree of its internal harmony or integratedness," not the ludicrous id of some erratic emptor. Not for the nonce, none "lower" than McLuhan professed it is those below who keep those above afloat, and not the distaste of some Morbian id.

Morbius, like you, has it all figured out, except himself.

If the object of your well-developed system is to reduce arbitrariness, then the object is also to reduce unfoundedness to its furthest conceptual vanishing point. Yet any and every individual, being individual, cannot help being arbitrary. So how that Great theories be something other than a partial trajectory of arbitrariness? Greatness being claimed to arise from One, only because the One arbitrarily assigns to themselves the efforts and accomplishments of countless others. This of course we shall call Absurdity.

Is not the damnation of such a One their mutually assured intellective destruction? Petty pedagogues, sleeping scholars; fagged faculty, barren benches. The middle class being the class of the middle, living in "balanced" insanity. You are-to-be as your temporality is deployed. If One deploys One's time for catechizing distaste -- "I guess he wasn't one of her superstars" -- then in what direction has One developed their's and One's being?

Catechizing distaste. Of all the axioms to organize One's being around, One chooses distaste. Thus the secrets of life become banal devices for combination into fragrant honours. Fatal honours from the id. But you are grand and do not have a spinet, because it is not long surrounded by the same walls and upholstery!

But no: your learned lack of non-Absurd creativity does not constitute my politics. A "new reality Is better than ... a fantasy of defeat." If it is mostly brightness that is embellished, must One be surprised to discover it is mostly brightness that has developed?

The test could hardly be simpler: was it promulgated top down or bottom up? This discloses whose interests it represents. How then, hideous Jinn, may any who enter from below, as most must, possibly escape your disgust?

Fate behold the arts
of ordinary men
whom Charybdis betakes
and wastes by every whim.

Sartor abdicaret, Sartor Resartus, in fear of One who held themselves never contingent; One who applies all creativity towards abusing others as badly, if as subtly as possible; predictability and determination not being the same as not being malicious.

Being malicious; "superstars." An alcazar framework that normalizes and ensures the punishment of everything "unsuper."

We do only those things we deem necessary. Could such suppuration make One feel necessary? It was untrue. What Thoreau called the smoke of opinion, what Wilde observed as its all too palpable violence, and what Ostrow dubbed Monsters from the id.

If it is important to understand, then flowing from this is an obligation -- an obligation mind you -- to respectfully demand proof. Being-open to being-challenging and being-challenged. The importance that no belief-claim stand protected from inquiry.

Discard thy distaste, for here is a noble metaphysic on which to pin your physics: treat others not as though protecting a forbidden planet, and escape the curse of Hesse.

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